Standing Out

I’m pretty sure this is how the conversation went:

“Ananas? Everyone calls this fruit ananas? Well, I don’t like the way it sounds lets just call it pineapple.”

funny graphs - Are You Sure It's Not a Banana?

funny graphs - That Makes It Sound So OrdinaryARABIAN?!  

Countries that do not use the metric system are in red.

Feel free to add any sarcastic comments. 

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7 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re All Doing Wrong

1. Breathing: From the few yoga classes I took I already knew the majority of us breathe incorrectly.

The correct way to breath:

“Try to “inflate” your stomach as you breathe in, while keeping your chest relatively still. Then contract your abdominal muscles on the exhale. Not only will this give you more oxygen per breath, it will eventually strengthen the diaphragm.”

2. Sleeping: Half of Kuwait have become so-called “insomniacs” the past few years so they will be happy to know this.

The correct way to sleep:

“The idea that an uninterrupted eight hours is the only sleep pattern natural to mankind is surprisingly recent. Before someone who wasn’t Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, people in areas with more than eight hours of darkness usually slept in segments: three to five hours of sleep, an hour of wakefulness and then another three to five hour nap.”

This actually goes hand in hand with waking up for Fajir prayer. If you sleep at 12 AM and wake up at 4 AM thats a 4 hour nap. Then you go back to sleep from 4 AM-7AM thats another 3 hour nap. Makes perfect sense.

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Hilarious Prank


“Pete says : I know my wife has this “AP Mobile” news app on her phone and receives text message alerts whenever something big is happening around the world, I decided to play a little prank on her.

This morning I changed my name in her contact list to “AP Mobile” and sent her a short and sweet message and waited for her to turn her phone on. Her mouth almost came down to the floor.”

Funny guy! Hilarious prank

Via boingboing

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Money, Money, Money

I think I should quit my day job and consider a career in basketball or computer software.


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iPhone Art

Creativity or a lot of free time either way I like it.

Via Saint


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Sunday’s Sundae

Google Doodle - Ice Cream Sundae

This blog is slowly becoming a Google fan site but I couldn’t resist the urge to post about today’s Google doodle.

Today Google celebrates the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae.

Excuse me while I order a hot fudge sundae in celebration.

Want to know more?

More Google Doodles

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April Fools Day with Google

Every year Google goes all out on April fools day. Its great to see that they have such a great sense of humor.

These are my favorite from this years 14 pranks:

  1. Gmail Motion: Controlling Gmail through body language.

“To send a message lick a stamp and place it down”

  • Easy to learn: Simple and intuitive gestures
  • Improved productivity: In and out of your email up to 12% faster
  • Increased physical activity: Get out of that chair and start moving today

2.  Switching Font: Google Comic Sans or Helvetica and you’ll end up with this:

3. Chromercise: Exercises for your fingers

“A new exercise regimen for your hands and fingers. Some existing finger exercise programs focus on upgrading your digits’ cardiovascular strength and musculature; others focus on dexterity. Chromercise’s unique blend of aerobic motion and rhythmic accompaniment covers all of the above while simultaneously tightening and toning your fingers’ actual appearance.”

For a full list of April Fools hoaxes by Google visit Google Operating System

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