April Fools Day with Google

Every year Google goes all out on April fools day. Its great to see that they have such a great sense of humor.

These are my favorite from this years 14 pranks:

  1. Gmail Motion: Controlling Gmail through body language.

“To send a message lick a stamp and place it down”

  • Easy to learn: Simple and intuitive gestures
  • Improved productivity: In and out of your email up to 12% faster
  • Increased physical activity: Get out of that chair and start moving today

2.  Switching Font: Google Comic Sans or Helvetica and you’ll end up with this:

3. Chromercise: Exercises for your fingers

“A new exercise regimen for your hands and fingers. Some existing finger exercise programs focus on upgrading your digits’ cardiovascular strength and musculature; others focus on dexterity. Chromercise’s unique blend of aerobic motion and rhythmic accompaniment covers all of the above while simultaneously tightening and toning your fingers’ actual appearance.”

For a full list of April Fools hoaxes by Google visit Google Operating System


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You all know how hard it is to fill the "about you" section. I'm skipping this until I figure out what to write here.
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