How To Get Donald Trump’s Hair

The secret to success might just be the hairstyle.


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Iphone. You tube.

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Dare To Be Happy

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Google Doodle of the Day- Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin Google Doodle

Today Google celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. The man in the picture is Yuri Gagarin, Russian cosmonaut, who was the first human who went into outer space and completed an orbit of Earth on April 21, 1961.

What I love about the doodle is that its animated. If you place your mouse on it the rocket takes off.

The Journey That Shook the World


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The Perfect Dipping Bowl


With the Obol:

  • You can dip your cereal while you’re eating it so it won’t get soggy.
  • You can dip large cookies and other foods that are too wide to fit in your mug.

That makes it the perfect dipping bowl. The Obol.

Via Uncrate

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50 Ways to be Happier Today

I love these tips because they’re easy to apply and they make sense. My favorite tip is: Ask for help with jobs you dislike! I would also add another tip: Don’t worry

Go ahead try as many tips as you can.

Do you agree with the list? Would you add anything else?

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3 Things That Need To Be Reinvented


1. Umbrellas:


  • They flip inside out when its windy
  • When you close the umbrella it drips water everywhere
  • Most of them break easily and aren’t heavy duty

There’s a facebook group with 393 people called “Umbrellas Are For The Weak!” that agree with me on this one.

2. Nail Clipper

How it should be:


  • Nails fly everywhere when you cut your nails
  • Standard curve doesn’t fit everybodys nail shape
  • When you accidently clip off too much and it really hurts

3. Parking Ticket Dispenser

  • If you miscalculate the distance between your car and the ticket dispenser you have to reach far to get it and this tends to happen to me often. Sometimes you have to go as far as having half your body out the window.

If are an entrepreneur heres your chance. Reinvent one of these widely used products.

Anything else you’d like to add to this list?

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